nazareth hassan


Nazareth Hassan is a southern writer, director + musician based in Brooklyn, NY. He creates performance texts, videos, sound films, installations, music, and plays. He is preoccupied with  the experience of in betweenness, disembodiment, dissonance, and juxtaposition, and seeks to contextualize these sensations spiritually, emotionally, physically, socially, temporally, and generationally. 

r e c e n t


Living Newspaper @ The Royal Court Theatre (London, Dec 7-13 2020)

body100 w/ Garrett Allen @ Prelude Festival 

(New York, 2020)

SPACE on Ryder Farm Finalist with Talia Oliveras, Nia Farrell, + Nile Harris

reading of my play Ghost dad (i can't die)Bushwick Starr (Brooklyn, Mar 9 2020) 

singing at Comic Con for NBC! (New York, Oct 2019)


Trypophobia published in Waif Magazine (Sept 2019)

🌊 [wave emoji] @ ANTFest at Ars Nova (New York, June 2019)

VANTABLACK @ Theatertreffen Stückemarkt (Berlin, May 2019)

n e x t

Untitled (1-5). @ The Shed (NYC, June 2021)


Clubbed Thumb Early Career Writer's Group (New York, 2020-2021)

Royal Court Long Form Writer's Group (London, 2020-2021)

NATION X receives Pop Culture Collaborative's Becoming America Grant (New York + Los Angeles, 2020-2021)

Untitled (1-5). @ MINT Gallery (Atlanta, June 2021)

c o n t a c t
George Strus @ A3 Artist Agency